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Aerocon Solutions is a small consulting firm offering aviation consulting, recruitment services and business development solutions to aviation and aerospace organisations worldwide.

Our Team

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Ken Wilkins

Managing Partner

With over 30 years in aviation, Ken has worked with with some of the industry's top airlines such as Emirates and Qatar Airways. He has managed a Part 135 operation in the USA, advised and consulted on various projects across the UK and in Sudan, The Philippines and the GCC region and supplied personnel across the industry.

Adrian Wells

Managing Partner

Adrian has been in the aviation industry for 30 years and ia a SME in the commercial airline and business jet markets, specialising in cabin interiors Product Specification, Project Management and Certification. He has worked, and continues to work with many world reknowned airlines such as Virgin Atlantic, Thomson and British Airways


Aerocon Solutions is proud to be partnered with the following companies:

Alpha Bravo's range of comprehensive services include Aircraft Engine compressor cleaning, Aircraft Exterior cleaning, Aircraft De-icing and Aircraft Engineering technical cleans.

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Technically AWAIR Limited is an independant aviation consultancy concentrating on the commercial airline and business jet markets, specialising in cabin interior product specification, project management and certification.